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Performance for the entire family based on the works by Simonas Daukantas

Rubinaitis Peliūzė, or The Lithuanian’s way to survive

Photos: Laura Vancevičienė
Director Saulė Degutytė
Martynas Berulis
Sandra Bernotaitė
Stage designer
Saulė Degutytė
Costume and lighting designer
Paulina Simutytė
Andrius Šiurys
Assistant director
Tauras Čižas
Duration 1 hour 20 minutes
Premier 2023-05-05

Simonas Daukantas (1793–1864), one of the most famous Samogitians, the first historian of Lithuania, writer and educator, besides his best-known work The Nature of Ancient Lithuanians, Highlanders and Samogitians also wrote a novella The Life of Rubinaitis Peliūzė, which is not an original piece of writing but rather a very free translation, adapted for the Lithuanian milieu, of German author Joachim Heinrich Campe’s book Robinson the Younger.

The creators of the production have based it on both S. Daukantas’ works, therefore the viewers will have a opportunity not only to find out what fate awaits on an uninhabited island the castaway Peliūzė and his new friend Nedėldienis (i.e. Friday) whom he meets there, but also to discuss the ancient Lithuanians’ way to survive.  

While reading The Life of Rubinaitis Peliūzė I felt a great pleasure, because for a very long time I had not read a work of literature which, with such subtlety, would tell parents how to be with their children, how to share their experience with them, how to bring them up. Even though nowadays we don’t seem to like the word “upbringing” that much. But I really don’t know, if happiness in life is possible for children whom parents did not bring up, did not impose certain limits on their freedom, who had no duties in their childhood. Be what it may, a child will find on his own this or that moral compass, which will form certain boundaries of his thinking and comprehending the world. If not at home, then on the Internet, on the street, or still somewhere else. Finally, when we want to break the boundaries, we must first of all get to know them, – says the director of the production S. Degutytė.