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Astrid Lindgren

The Brothers Lionheart

7 january 2024, 12:00, Grand Hall
Karolis Kasperavičius
Kirsten Dehlholm Anne Mette Fisker Langkjer
Artistic Co-author
Anne Mette Fisker Langkjer
Costume Designer
Ugnė Martinaitytė
Kirsten Dehlholm
Lighting Designer
Simas Sirutavičius
Video Artist
Rimas Sakalauskas
Sound Designer
Kristian Hverring
Assistant Director
Tauras Čižas
Duration 1 h 40 min.
Premier 2018-01-20

Important notice! Recommended 7+ 

How can today’s children be spoken to about such topics as war or death? Danish director and leader of Hotel Pro Forma production house Kirsten Dehlholm created a visual sound drama about a teenager Toast Lionheart. Based on Astrid Lindgren’s book of the same title, the play shows the boy’s journey through his dreams and imagination. The play attempts to excite the imagination of the viewers, despite their age, as well as the sentiments of the war we are constantly fighting inside ourselves…